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Charlie founded Palm Creatives, a boutique web design and Pinterest marketing studio, to help small business owners and passionate creatives carve out an online space that speaks directly to their target audience. Charlie not only helps her clients to build a beautiful, functional website but also teaches content creators how to drive organic traffic to their site through the power of Pinterest marketing. With a bachelors degree in Marketing Management, a wealth of experience working with large enterprises and successful entrepreneurs, as well as running her own successful wellbeing blog, Charlie is able to provide her clients with a holistic approach to ensure they stand out in crowded markets.

“We're all a work in progress and if you wait until the perfect moment, it will never happen!"


Tell us about your path to setting up your business and what motivated you?

I've always enjoyed anything creative, whether that be art, fashion or writing. My passions led me to complete my degree in Marketing Management before returning to Jersey to take up a Marketing and Communications role in the finance industry. I really enjoyed my role but my creativity was very limited and I knew I needed more autonomy to feel truly fulfilled. I left my job to go travelling and whilst away launched a wellbeing blog which I grew to receive thousands of daily views in the space of just 6 months. The success of my blog opened my eyes to the opportunity available online and I knew that I couldn't return to the 9-5 office life I had left. Being able to help passionate entrepreneurs build and grow their business online is an absolute dream come true and a real privilege. I still have to pinch myself that I get to do this for a living!


How do you work and what is a typical day like for you?

A typical day is varied and totally depends on the job and client I am working with at the time so it's nearly impossible to say! My day will usually start bright and early with a trip to the gym where I'll listen to one of my favourite podcasts before starting my day of creativity (work). If I have a client discovery call for web design or a Pinterest training session booked in then I'll work from home as these take place face-to-face over Zoom. If it's a day of website builds and branding then you'll often find me tucked away in a cute coffee shop with jazz music plugged into my earphones.

What are the best parts about your business?

Definitely being able to choose who I work with! Being able to help entrepreneurs who I click with and whose passion I share, means I'm able to provide a far better end result and we both enjoy the process. Another area which I'm so grateful for is the opportunity to constantly develop my skills in areas which I feel passionate about, and not simply because I'm required to for a promotion. Investing my time and energy into skills such as coding and graphic design not only provides my clients with better results but it enables my creativity to flow even deeper.


What has been your greatest struggle as a business owner so far?

I would have to say Imposter Syndrome. I think for many entrepreneurs it's a very real and difficult problem. I now keep a folder filled with my client testimonials to remind myself that my work is truly valued by my lovely clients. It can also be difficult to switch off from work when you're passionate about what you do and don't have set office hours but it's important to keep a healthy balance. I now make sure to give myself time to unwind and my health and wellbeing is a non-negotiable priority. After all, a healthier, happier me leads to increased creativity and happier clients!

What has been your biggest a-ha moment so far?

No one has it all figured out and you don't have to be perfect to start. We're all a work in progress and if you wait until the perfect moment, it will never happen! I'm so glad I jumped into this entrepreneurial world when I did because although it has been extremely testing, it has also forced me to develop at such a fast and beneficial rate.


Do you have any advice for other small business owners?

Don't let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game! I know it sounds cheesy but it's totally true. We only get one shot at life and we spend a crazy amount of that time working, so you might as well be doing something that lights your soul on fire.

What currently inspires you?

I follow loads of different inspirational designers and creators on Instagram who share their incredible work. Every day I'm inspired by their creativity to further my skills and help more passionate entrepreneurs on their exciting journeys too.

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