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We love adding more members to our team! 

By joining this team we will
+ Promote your work and add you to the directory
+ Send work that relates to your field
+ Add any events or workshops you have to the happenings page
+ Invite you to events and workshops
+ and be part of a community that collaborates

As we are constantly updating and creating a community we do ask for a small fee of £45 (only one time payment) to keep the site running and community striving. Once you have filled out the form we will go through it and when you are accepted we will send an invoice + a form to fill out to be added to the directory.

We only accept creators that are based or from Jersey. All work has to be original. We strive to work together as a community. You have to create something and be creative. In the near future we will expand to wellness/sustainability industry so contact us for more info.

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