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Sarah is a creative copywriter and editor with more than nine years’ experience writing across every platform she can get a brief for. From magazines and catalogues to email marketing, social campaigns and UX copy, if it has words, it’s quite likely she’s written it. Sarah's worked in London, Hong Kong and Amsterdam and is now a full-time freelancer based in Jersey. Her expertise lie in fashion and travel but as well as £5,000 coats and the best beaches in Mykonos, she’s also written about corporate recruitment in the construction industry, vodka and kitchen furnishings. And she’ll at least try and make it interesting.

“If you’re serious about starting out on your own, build up a network of contacts first and make a plan.”

Tell us about your path to setting up your business and what motivated you?

I started out at a women’s fashion magazine, sitting in the cupboard and ironing dresses before I decided to switch to the world of copywriting. I’ve always loved writing so it was a natural step. I worked in-house as a freelance fashion copywriter for years in London and Hong Kong before going permanent after a job offer in Amsterdam. I missed the variety of freelancing though so carried on working in the evenings and on weekends for other clients. Then after two years of doing that, I took the plunge and quit my permanent position. I wanted to travel and try out the whole digital nomad thing so it seemed like the best way. Long story short, I wanted to work at the beach.


How do you work and what is a typical day like for you?

Since returning to Jersey after some months working remotely in Asia, I’ve tried to regain some semblance of a routine. My boyfriend also works remotely as a copywriter so we work together from home usually. It’s nice having someone to bounce ideas off. When the weather is good I’m up at 6am and work until 2pm. I schedule any calls in the first half of the day and really try and make the most of being a morning person, not tied to a 9-5 routine. We still travel a lot so I’m often away, taking advantage of my flexibility and working from airports and hot spotting on trains.

What are the best parts about your business?

I love helping small businesses communicate their vision and get a lot of pleasure from putting big ideas into simple words. Of course, the flexibility and proximity to the beach is also pretty nice.

What has been your greatest struggle as a business owner so far?

Motivating myself. But that becomes easier in winter. For some reason, my laptop is a lot less appealing when the sun’s out.

What has been your biggest a-ha moment so far?

Realising when to say no. In my first year as a freelancer I didn’t say no to anything. (Hence writing about corporate construction recruitment). But since realising I don’t have unlimited hours in the day, I’m much happier.

Do you have any advice for other small business owners?

Don’t believe all that rubbish on Instagram saying ‘quit your job, book a flight, never look back’. There are still bills to pay. So if you’re serious about starting out on your own, build up a network of contacts first and make a plan.

What currently inspires you?

Writers should also be readers so I try and devour as many books, newspapers and magazines as possible. I’ve also recently joined a non fiction book club. I’m quite obsessed with copy and I’m never not looking at it. It’s everywhere after all. From little sentences at the bottom of bank statements to sale signs in shop windows. I have a whole catalogue of photos and screenshots of my favourite copy I’ve seen out ‘in the wild’.

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